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Classes, Fees & Info

Class Schedule

6.00 - 7.00pm - Beginners & General

6.00 - 7.00pm - Beginners/General & Sparring
7.00 - 7.30pm - Black Belts

Gradings can either run on Tuesday or Thursday nights, or on a Saturday depending on rank of grade & attendance.


Beginners (8yrs & over)
First 2 classes are FREE! Just turn up 15mins before class in appropriate clothing for exercising & introduce yourself. No commitments, these classes are purely to see if you're into martial arts. 

Adults (18+) - $30/month
Tertiary Students - $25/month
Children/Teens (8 - 17yrs) - $25/month

Second family member - Half price fee every month
Third family member - $10/month 

General Info

Keen to give Seido a try? Contact us or just turn up at the door. 

What to do when you get here

Please take off your shoes when enter the building (the dojo). Feel free to go up to any of the black belts and say you're here for your first class and they'll help you.

Which class you should attend

There are beginner classes on Tuesday evenings but you're welcome to turn up at the Thursday General Class too. We recommend that children are 8 before they begin karate as it requires a level of focus & discipline. 

What you should wear

Karate students train in bare feet (no shoes or socks). You should wear loose fitting clothing that allows you to kick, punch and stretch in easily. Once you've graded to white belt, you'll need to purchase a ‘gi’ (karate uniform) and 'obi' (belt).


Our instructors can advise you on how to purchase this and the two badges you'll need to attach to your gi to make it a legitimate Seido uniform. 

What you can expect

Expect to sweat! We are devoted to improving our physical fitness with exercise routines... you'll definitely be doing a few press ups and sit ups.


Beginners that are new to martial arts can find the etiquette in the dojo (training hall) unusual at first. There is a constant use of the word ‘Osu’ and Japanese language (you don't have to speak Japanese). In simple terms we use 'Osu' to say ‘hello’, ‘yes’, 'i understand' and other things.


To start and finish classes we kneel down as a formality to bow to our seniors. There's no religious significance to the bowing, we're just following the Japanese custom to show respect for our seniors (those who have trained longer than us).

How you can grade

Gradings take place several times a year. Put simply, gradings are opportunities for students to demonstrate what they've learned in a more physically tested & pressured situation. Upon successful completion of gradings, students are awarded a new belt (see belt system below).

A ‘kyu’ means a level, or grade.

10th kyu – White belt

9th kyu – White belt with tip

8th kyu – Blue belt

7th kyu – Blue belt with tip

6th kyu – Yellow belt

5th kyu – Yellow belt with tip

4th kyu – Green belt

3rd kyu – Green belt with tip

2nd kyu – Brown belt

1st kyu – Brown belt with tip

1st dan – Black belt

Seido Karate Te Awamutu Class Info
Sparring class at Seido Karate Te Awamutu
Karate Classes at Seido Karate Te Awamutu
Sparring at Seido Karate Te Awamutu
Strength training at Seido Karate Te Awamutu
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