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Sei Shihan Michael McIvor - 6th Dan, Branch Chief

Sei Shihan Michael McIvor is the founder & branch chief of Seido Karate Te Awamutu & has been training for over 40 years. He started Karate while studying in Canterbury University in 1974 to get fit & learn self defense. It wasn't long until karate became part of his DNA. In 1979, he graded to Shodan (1st Dan Black Belt) in Christchurch under Hanshi Renzi Hanham and his last grading, to Sei Shihan (senior 6th Dan) in 2014. 

He has trained several times under Kaicho Tadashi Nakamura (Grandmaster & Founder of Seido) in 'Honbu', the World Seido Karate Headquarters. He has a wealth of experience, training in England, Italy, Germany & in most Seido Dojos in New Zealand. He has competed in national & international tournaments & is responsible for training all teams the Te Awamutu Dojo sends to tournaments. The teams regularly compete with distinction in the North Island Tournaments. 

Sei Shihan Michael is committed to producing black belts of a very high standard. He firmly believes black belts should not only have a high level of competence in martial arts, but also be well rounded individuals who are good role models in the community. For Sei Shihan, one of the biggest benefits of Seido Karate is the long standing friendships he has built up over the many years of training, both nationally and internationally. 

Sei Shihan Michael states that none of his success in Seido would have been possible without the support of his wife Brenda. Sei Shihan Michael's two sons, Alex & Matt, are both Seido Black Belts, graded through the Te Awamutu dojo. 

Kyoshi Donald Kemp - 5th Dan

Kyoshi Donald Kemp started training under Sei Shihan Michael in 1983 and has an extensive knowledge of Seido Karate, training over 35 years.

Kyoshi Donald graded to Shodan in June 1993, becoming the club's 9th Black Belt. He has also trained in Judo. 

Kyoshi Donald has a keen eye for the technical applications of karate & enjoys sparring. His most recent grading was held in December 2014 at the annual Christchurch Camp where he became a Godan (5th Dan). 

Kyoshi Gerard McCarthy - 5th Dan

Kyoshi Gerard has a wealth of knowledge in martial arts, training abroad in various different countries & New Zealand dojos. In 1991 he started Seido in Manawatu under Sensei Graham Bunkenberg. In 92 he moved to London training under Kyoshi John Esposito. In 94 he returned to Palmerston North to train under Jun Shihan Glenys Johnston and Fiona Kendrick, grading to Shodan in 1996. 

In 1998 Kyoshi Gerard moved to Wellington and trained at Thorndon Quay dojo under Sei Shihan Ben Otang, grading to Nidan in 2000. From there he trained for 3 years in Nagoya (Japan) under Sei Shihan Toshihide Sawahira. From 2003 he has trained at Te Awamutu Dojo under Sei Shihan Michael McIvor taking regular classes & undertaking 3 black belt gradings, his latest to Godan (5th Dan) in 2016. 

Senpai Alex McIvor - 3rd Dan

Senpai Alex grew up training in Te Awamutu, grading to Shodan in 2009. He trained under Kaicho Tadashi Nakamura at Honbu,New York in 2010. Senpai Alex has trained in most dojos in New Zealand & graded to San Dan (3rd Dan) in 2016. 

Senpai Alex has competed in numerous North Island tournaments since being green belt, picking up gold medals in semi contact sparring, kata & point sparring. He enjoys imparting knowledge particularly on kata & sparring technique to students. 

Senpai Alex places a big focus on visiting other dojos, seeking learning opportunities from other instructors. He's a long standing Te Awamutu local, being a partner in a local law firm in town. 


Senpai Matt McIvor - 2nd Dan

Senpai Matt grew up training in Te Awamutu but has also been a member of both Dunedin Seido under Jun Shihan Kelvin Lewis & Seido Shibu (Christchurch) under Hanshi Renzie Hanham. Senpai Matt has trained in Australia, most Seido Dojos in New Zealand & in New York under Kaicho Tadashi Nakamura in Johshin Honzan & Honbu.

In 2012, Senpai Matt graded to Shodan in Te Awamutu under Sei Shihan Ben Otang. In 2017, he graded to Nidan (2nd Dan) in Timaru. While living in Wanaka for 3 years, Matt trained in Kyokushin where he graded to Green Belt under Sensei Trevor Bailey.

Senpai Matt has entered various Seido tournaments, picking up medals in semi contact sparring, points sparring and kata. He also fought in a Kyokushin full contact knockdown tournament in Dunedin.

Senpai Stephen Haylett-Petty - 1st Dan

Senpai Steve started training in 2007 at Te Awamutu Dojo under Sei Shihan Michael. He stepped into the dojo wanting to get fitter, stronger and learn self defense. As well as training in Te Awamutu, Senpai Steve has trained at Seido Dojos in Hamilton, Auckland (Devonport & Morningside) and Tauranga, as well as the Henkada Judo club in Hamilton.


He has competed at three North Island Seido Tournaments, winning two medals, one in kata and one in semi contact kumite. Senpai Steve attained his Shodan (1st dan black belt) in March 2018. 

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