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Jun Shihan Gerard McCarthy

6th Dan

Jun Shihan Gerard has a wealth of knowledge in martial arts, training abroad in various different countries & New Zealand dojos. In 1991 he started Seido in Manawatu under Sensei Graham Bunkenberg. In 92 he moved to London training under Kyoshi John Esposito. In 94 he returned to Palmerston North to train under Sei Shihan Glenys Johnston and Fiona Kendrick, grading to Shodan in 1996.

In 1998 Jun Shihan Gerard moved to Wellington and trained at Thorndon Quay dojo under Shuseki Shihan Ben Otang, grading to Nidan in 2000. From there he trained for 3 years in Nagoya (Japan) under Sei Shihan Toshihide Sawahira. From 2003 he has trained at Te Awamutu Dojo under Sei Shihan Michael McIvor taking regular classes & undertaking 3 black belt gradings, his latest to Roku Dan (6th Dan) in 2024.


Jun Shihan Gerard McCarthy
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