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Senpai Alex McIvor

3rd Dan

Senpai Alex grew up training in Te Awamutu, grading to Shodan in 2009. He trained under Kaicho Tadashi Nakamura at Honbu, New York in 2010. Senpai Alex has trained in many dojos in New Zealand & graded to San Dan (3rd Dan) in 2016.

Senpai Alex has competed in numerous North Island tournaments since being green belt, picking up gold medals in semi contact sparring, kata & point sparring. He enjoys imparting knowledge particularly on kata & sparring technique to students.

Senpai Alex places a big focus on visiting other dojos, seeking learning opportunities from other instructors. He's a long standing Te Awamutu local, being a partner in a local law firm in town.


Senpai Alex McIvor
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